Product Name : Automatic Batter Coating Machine
Product Description
  • Machine Name:Automatic Batter Coating Machine
  • Model: Tailor-Made
  • Machine size (L*W*H): Tailor-Made
  • Belt width:Tailor-Made
  • Material: SUS304 stainless steel
  1. Shower Type with batter bed.
  2. Available for both thin and thick batter.
  3. Recycle use the batter.
  4. Whole Stainless Steel Structure.
  5. Easy to clean. Tool-free Structure.
  6. All the motors are covered.
  7. Battering time is adjustable.
  8. Suitable Product: Nuggets, poultry pieces, barbecue products, shrimps, squid rings, vegetables, doughnuts, and YOUR PRODUCT.
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Product Introduction
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