Product Name : Liquid Mixing Tank
Product Description
  • Machine Name:Liquid Mixing Tank
  • Model: OA2019
  • Power: 0.18KW
  • Air pressure:4 kg
  • Material: SUS304 stainless steel
  1. It can be used with BSC_PSS automatic syrup sprinkle machine.
  2. Equipped with automatic mixing function. The storage tank is designed as a double tank. The heating layer can be either filled with heat medium oil or water to maintain the temperature of the syrup and prevent the overburn.
  3. Heat the mixed syrup to 60-80 ° C and maintain the temperature to ensure the fluidity of the syrup.
  4. Equipped with waterproof control box and waterproof motor protection cover.
  5. The heating temperature is adjustable as well as the stirring time.
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Product Introduction
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