Product Name : Continuous Far Infrared Electric Heating Oven
Product Description
  • Machine Name:Continuous Far Infrared Electric Heating Oven
  • Model: EO669
  • Machine size (L*W*H): 10000*2100*1700 mm
  • Effective baking size (L*W): 9000*660
  • Power: 90 KW
  • Material: SUS304 stainless steel
  1. The far-infrared electric heating tube is used as a heater, and the output current isstabilized by the SCR.
  2. All infrared ray electro-thermal tube are placed above the conveyor belt.
  3. Each district's electric heating is independent switch and temperature control.
  4. The conveyor speed is adjustable.
  5. Automatic temperature adjustment.
  6. The rang of baking time is 1~5 minute.
  7. Tunnel Oven inside can be water washed!!.
  8. Specially equipped with Mesh belt soaking water device.
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Product Introduction
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