Product Name : Continuous Frying Machine
Product Description
    • Machine Name:Automatic Continuous Frying Machine
    • Mechanical Dimensions:Tailor-Made
    • Effective Frying Space:Tailor-Made
    • Oil Volume (L):Tailor-Made
    • Driving Power:Tailor-Made
    • Oil Circulation:Tailor-Made
    • Burner Capacity:Tailor-Made
    • Material: SUS304 stainless stee
    • Safety Device:
    • Burner is programmed. When no gas input or the pilot firing
    • failure, burner shuts down gas input and alarm.
    • Pipe Pressure detector. When no oil circulating inside the
    • tube/pipe, burner shuts down to prevent empty burning.
  1. External heating System
  2. Multi-Food can be fried. Both Float and Sink Food can be fried.
  3. Precise Control on the frying time and temperature. Ensure the fried food can be first in and first out.
  4. Easy to clean.
  5. Adjustable Oil Flow Speed to ensure fried food shape.
  6. Oil Save: the heating system heats the oil only when the temperature drops.
  7. Labor save: Auto Oil compensate. Oil Level Controlled by limited switch ensure to close the input oil firmly.
  8. Applications: Tortilla、Banana chips、India vada、India Chakli、Snacks、Spring roll、Breaded Product、Potato chips、Chicken etc.
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Product Introduction


ModelOverall Size Size (cm)Effective Frying Space (cm)Oil VolumeDriving PowerOil CirculationBurner Capacity
MF226 L330 x W380 x H210 L220 x W60 x H5 320 0.56KW 7.5HP 150,000Kcal
MF228 L330 x W400 x H210 L220 x W80 x H5 360 0.56KW 7.5HP 150,000Kcal
MF326 L430 x W380 x H210 L320 x W60 x H5 390 0.56KW 10HP 200,000Kcal
MF328 L430 x W400 x H210 L320 x W80 x H5 450 0.56KW 10HP 200,000Kcal
MF426 L530 x W380 x H210 L420 x W60 x H5 460 0.56KW 10HP 200,000Kcal
MF428 L530 x W400 x H210 L420 x W80 x H5 540 0.56KW 15HP 300,000Kcal
MF526 L630 x W380 x H210 L520 x W60 x H5 540 0.75KW 15HP 300,000Kcal
MF528 L630 x W400 x H210 L520 x W80 x H5 650 0.75KW 15HP 400,000Kcal
MF626 L730 x W380 x H210 L620 x W60 x H5 650 0.75KW 15HP 400,000Kcal
MF628 L730 x W400 x H210 L620 x W80 x H5 800 0.75KW 20HP 400,000Kcal
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