Product Name : Automatic Flour Coating Machine
Product Description

As an auto coating machine supplier, Hola Cook provides auto coating machines for customers to choose from.

  • Machine Name: Automatic Flour Coating Machine
  • Model: Tailor-Made
  • Machine size (L*W*H): Tailor-Made
  • Belt width: Tailor-Made
  • Material: SUS304 stainless steel
  1. The belt Conveyor speed is adjustable. Slower the speed, the more the coating.
  2. Coating Thickness is controllable.
  3. Closed Construction results in a clean working environment.
  4. The flour bed thickness is adjustable.
  5. Remove excess flour for an optimal end product.
  6. High operation safety.
  7. Suitable Product: Nuggets, poultry pieces, barbecue products, shrimps, squid rings, vegetables, doughnuts, and YOUR PRODUCT.
Product Introduction
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